New Years Fitness Goals

Posted by SportsMed NQ, 6 January 2015


New Years Fitness Goals    

Just like every year we have all overindulged during the silly season and have decided it is time to hit the gym to lose those Christmas kilos. The flavour of the month this year is boot camps and 6/8/12 week challenges which have been surging in popularity. The high intensity mix between resistance training and cardio is excellent for shedding that extra serve of Christmas pudding. Combine this with the high levels of motivation you get from group style training in the outdoors with new and different challenges every week and you have a recipe for success.

However there are a few downsides to this style of training that can result in injuries to joints, muscles and tendons that can make training a lot harder and a lot more painful. The high intensity style of this training, combined with the often sudden uptake of exercise most days of the week can cause overuse injuries like tendinopathies, shin splints and even stress fractures. These types of injuries can take up to months or even years to get 100% better. As well as this, there is the risk of aggravating old injuries and minor niggles to the point where they stop you from participating in the boot camp or challenge. Worst of all is the chance of new traumatic injuries such as disc bulges/prolapses, rotator cuff tears, ACL ruptures and many others. These types of injuries are not common but can be brought on by people trying to lift too much weight or with bad technique, which sometimes gets missed in the group setting.


There are a few simple ways you can avoid all of the potential injuries listed above:

  1. i-dont-always-go-to-the-gym-but-when-i-doFirstly and most importantly is gradually increasing the amount of exercise you do. This could mean only doing twice weekly, only doing 20 minutes, doing less reps or less weight. Combining all of these will reduce the chance of overload type injuries. An exercise physiologist is expertly trained to help guide you through those first few months of exercise.
  2. Addressing niggles and pains early before they become serious and ongoing problems. Seeing a physiotherapist sooner rather than later will save you time, pain and money in the long run. Our physiotherapists can assess and correct muscle strength and tightness, both of which predispose you to further injury.
  3. Not doing the same exercises or type of exercise every day. For example you might want to run one day, do body weight exercises next session and then swim for the third. Having a set program will help with this.
  4. Address any concerns you have about your lifting technique, old injuries, tightness/stiffness and workload with your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.


SportsMed NQ Physio can provide all of these services and more with individual and group exercise classes in the gym and pool available to everyone. Call on 47713650 or see our website for further details.


Written by Dominic Rogers dominic

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