Sports Training

Thanks to Sports Medicine Australia’s Safer Sport Program a new level of medical attention is available to sporting athletes. Sports Trainers are First Aid and CPR trained personnel aimed at providing a safer environment for all Australians who engage in sport. Trainers help to reduce the incidence of injury and limit its severity should an injury occur, effectively making sports safer. This is predominately achieved by;

  • Preparing players for competition and implementing appropriate injury prevention protocols
  • Providing appropriate and immediate management of injuries
  • Providing immediate crisis management of severe injuries
  • Informed referral of injuries to more qualified health professionals for further advice and management
  • Educating players and coaching staff with regards to return to play principles and management
  • Working with health professionals to ensure safe return to play for injured players.

physio-resizedSportsMed NQ have a number of qualified Sports Trainers who provide the above mentioned services to a variety of sporting organisations here in Townsville. We cater for a wide range of ages and experience from U12’s right through to elite level National Premier League teams.

We also have a dedicated team member who coordinates all requirements from Sporting Clubs whether it is a once off carnival event or weekly training sessions. If you have any questions or queries about the services we offer please contact us by emailing:

If you are interested in becoming a qualified Sports Trainer please go to the Sports Medicine Australia website where you can find available course information and dates:

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